About The Life Autistic

What is The Life Autistic?

For starters, it’s a wordplay on the first Wes Anderson film I saw. I have a thing for wordplay, catchy-sounding branding, and then coming up with content later.

The Life Autistic is more than just a brand – it’s a story.

For the longest time, my autism had been a close-kept secret. All through college, work, and my professional career, as I found more success in, well, life, the less I wanted to share what is a core component of my life.

The Life Autistic is a catalog of stories, narratives, explanations, apologies, justifications, and humorous asides on what it’s like living with high-functioning autism.

Sometimes it’s a pithy anecdote. Sometimes it’s a somber realization. Sometimes it’s a cry for help. Sometimes it’s a laugh and a half.


But it’s always real.

And I hope it really helps, for whatever brought you here.




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