About Writing All Wrong

If you like sharp-witted, sarcasm soaked commentary on the half-witted, mediocrity mired state of affairs in writing, then you’ve come to the right place.

Even if you’re “not that into writing,” you’re still in the right place. Do you read blogs that have nothing to do with your interests? Only if they offer well-crafted product, transcendent truth, and enough to keep you coming back “just to see what’s up.”

Well, here you are, and you belong. Check back for updates, maybe even leave a comment or two. Then go out and write something worthwhile.

Since 2015, I’ve taken this more beyond the sphere of writing all wrong and into righting all wrong, with a bit of social commentary, humor, or whatever frisks my fancy.

Updates? Writing All Wrong updates every Monday and Thursday.

And these weekly emails? Join the club — writingallwrong@me.com

Topic requests? See above.



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