About H2

I’m Hunter Hansen. I write about writing and whatever. On the side, I work full time for the corporate side of a large “fruit company” – and I can’t much talk about that.

I live in Denver. So should you.

I married an awesome woman, who’s now an awesome mom, and we have an awesome little ginger baby to complement our existing canine children.

Back in high school, I somehow parlayed my gargantuan-for-my-age vocabulary into indie music reviews, back in the wild west days of free music over dial-up.

In college, I soon discovered that, hey, I kinda-sorta liked writing, and my teachers liked it too. Should I have gone with an English degree, wherein I’d be doing college “for fun” without regard to “hey, you need skills for business and employment?” I’m still debating that.

I would love to have one of my novels published in my lifetime. I wrote a crappy one during my first season of unemployment, though my second isn’t too shabby (per my “almost-agent”). I’ve been tossing around a few more story ideas, but I can’t toss them too far just yet.

You’ll find that I’m just not a bubbly personality, and I doubt you’ll be allured to my personal magnetism (and if so, you have a problem). But I do enjoy writing, thought-provoking, and poking a stick into the corpulent, overhanging paunch of conventional thought. Fair warning: I’m a man of faith – a very liberal independent fundamental Baptist (of all things) and a 3.7-point Calvinist, I think. You might find said emphasis here in my blog.

If you’re interested in my professional side (and voluminous hair) – here’s my ironic LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pub/hunter-hansen/82/729/7b

That’s about all.


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